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Cash Management  Features in Detail

Different businesses have different needs. That's why Five Points Bank's Internet Cash Management gives you such a wide choice of features, products and services.

Multiple User Access

Set up multiple users within your organization with restricted or full access to Cash Management functions and accounts. Usage can be set up according to your specifications, allowing employees to access only what you authorize. This allows you to set up a dual control method to minimize error and to safeguard your company from fraudulent activity.


Consolidated Account Information
Owners of multiple businesses can access all of their accounts at the same time. Five Points Bank gives you the ability to view all activity for each account and search for specific items by check number, amount, or date cleared.


Internal Transfers And Stop Payments
You can move funds between related Five Points Bank accounts, schedule future transactions and initiate a stop payment on a check from anywhere you have Internet access, at any time.


Current Business Day Transactions
Need up-to-the-minute information on your finances? In addition to past transactions, you can view current-day transactions as available on all accounts.


Wire Transfers
Our online wire service allows you to have complete control over your wire functions. Set up and transmit wire transfers with our easy-to-use online wire form. Store wire instructions on our system with our recurring wire option. When you’re ready to transmit the wire transfer, simply enter the amount and transmit.


ACH Transactions
The ACH network is used to transmit funds electronically between financial institutions. Five Points Bank delivers the ACH network to you via our Internet Cash Management ACH options. This allows your business to perform:

Direct Deposit
Use Direct Deposit to transfer funds into employees’ bank accounts. Funds can include payroll, bonuses, advances, payments, and much more.

Direct Debit
If your company has billing operations, Direct Debit allows you to electronically debit a customer's bank account for payment. The customer grants your company, by written authorization, permission to debit charges from his or her account as bills become due. Direct debit is primarily used for utility, rent, or mortgage payments, membership dues and other obligations.

Cash Concentration and Disbursement
Timely intra-company fund transfers are often helpful with cash management. The Cash Concentration and Disbursement application can be used to either distribute or consolidate funds between corporate entities. A limited amount of payment-related data can be included with fund transfers, as needed.

Corporate Trade Payments
This feature enables corporations to exchange both data and funds with trading partners, facilitating an automated process of updating accounts receivable and accounts payable systems. The Corporate Trade Exchange application supports the transfer of funds (debit or credit) within a trading partner relationship, in which payment-related information or a message is sent with fund transfers using multiple addenda records.

Check Images
With a single mouse click, you can view copies of all your processed checks.


Download To Accounting Software
Do you use financial software like Intuit® Quickbooks or Microsoft® Money? Internet Cash Management allows you to download all your transaction information and import it directly into your software.

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