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Trust is Earned

Five Points Bank wants to help you handle the important decisions of how to take care of the people you love, and manage the assets you have accumulated over a life time. This can best be achieved through a well drafted and managed estate plan. The strong customer service you are accustomed to at Five Points Bank carries over to trust and estate services. Five Points will earn your trust to assist with these important matters.


Protecting and Preserving Wealth

Acquiring wealth is one thing; preserving it and ensuring that it is used as you intend is another. Five Points Bank will help you build a solid strategy for the future.

There are many estate planning tools that can be utilized to manage your assets so they provide for you and your family during your lifetime and after.

Five Points Bank works with you, your attorney and your accountant as a team to examine estate and tax planning opportunities. This team approach will ensure that your plan is designed to best manage your assets, to provide for loved ones, and to make distributions to beneficiaries as you direct.

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