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The convenience of using a worldwide ATM network comes with some responsibilities. Here are some points to remember when using any Automated Teller Machine.

  • Always be alert – Pay attention to the people around you and to the location of the ATM. If you see anyone suspicious or do not feel comfortable at the ATM, go to another location. All ATMs should be well lit, be in high traffic areas and provide an easy exit. When possible, have someone you trust or a security person accompany you an ATM you feel is not in a secured environment.

  • Be prepared to leave – If you notice anyone or anything that makes you feel uncomfortable at an ATM, end your transaction, secure your cash, card and receipt, and leave the area immediately. Do not stay at an ATM any longer than necessary. Report anything suspicious to a security person in the area

  • Have your information ready – Have your card and any deposit slips ready before arriving at the ATM to minimize the time you will spend there. At a Drive-Up ATM, remain in car with the motor running and make sure your doors are locked and windows are closed. When you are ready to proceed with your transaction, open only the window needed to access the ATM.

  • Safeguard your card and PIN – Remember that an ATM card, with the proper indication number, allows an individual to access the money in your account. Make sure your ATM card is stored in a secured area. Never keep your PIN and your card in the same place. Try to refrain from copying your PIN. If you ever forget your PIN, just contact us for a reminder.

  • ATM Receipts – Never discard your ATM receipts near an ATM. Always secure your receipt when leaving the ATM and shred it as your means of disposal.

  • Walk-up ATM precautions – When using a walk-up ATM, please be sure to position yourself so no one can observe you entering your PIN. Maintain a polite distance while waiting to use an ATM and make sure others do so too. If someone is crowding you at an ATM, leave immediately and come back later.

  • If your card is lost – If your card is ever lost or stolen, please report it to us as soon as you notice it missing. By reporting the missing card immediately, you will minimize your loss and liability.

  • Check your statements – Each month, check your statement for debits you did not authorize. If you see any unauthorized debits, please contact us immediately.


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