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50 Years of Five Points Bank

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Five Points Bank Ready to Celebrate 50th Anniversary Year

Five Points Bank's Economic Impact

Five Points Bank Celebrates 50 Years

Chairman and CEO Tom Kelley reflects on the remarkable rise of Five Points Bank in the Grand Island market since its founding in 1971.


Chapter 1: Origin

Opening a bank in an underserved area may seem like common sense today, but it was a novel idea when Five Points Bank opened in 1971. From that simple beginning, Five Points has grown into Nebraska’s fifth-largest bank holding company.


Chapter 2: Employees

It takes a great team to make a great bank! Five Points Bank’s caring, hardworking staff sets it apart from other banks and keeps customers coming back.


Chapter 3: Growth

Grand Island has grown since 1971, and Five Points Bank has grown right along with it. In fact, the bank’s support of Grand Island has helped both thrive and prosper.


Chapter 4: Technology

Five Points Bank prides itself on being a leader in technology, but it’s all about serving customers. State-of-art technology equals great customer service!


Chapter 5: Community

Giving back to the communities we serve is part of the culture of Five Points Bank. Championing causes with volunteer hours and monetary contributions propels our communities forward.


Chapter 6: Customer Successes

For Five Points Bank, success is all about the customer — being available, providing service and putting local money in the hands of local people. It’s the definition of relationship banking.


Chapter 7: Metro Growth

The personal, customer-centered focus that made the first Five Points Bank location flourish remains the formula for success in every Five Points community — including Omaha and Lincoln.


Chapter 8: Golden Club

The Five Points Bank Golden Club started as a special checking account for customers age 55 and older but has grown to include international travel and Christmas dinners that serve thousands.


Chapter 9: The Future of Five Points Bank

As Five Points Bank moves into the future, expect to see more of the winning formula that’s gotten us this far: great customer service, forward-looking technology and support for the communities we serve.



What does Five Points Bank mean to its customers and the community upon its 50th anniversary? Hear it in their own words.



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